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          A one-stop-shop with everything you need for highly aesthetic, functional, durable finishes.

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          National Powder Coating is dedicated to providing the highest quality protective finishes that endure. With no hazardous materials or waste, powder coating is an environmentally friendly industry.

          • One-stop-shop—we can handle your powder coating, wet spray and screen printing needs.
          • Any size, weight or quantity—our batch system, unique rack designs and the ability to quickly change colors allow for prototype to production runs.
          • Longevity and experience—years of knowledge and experience in today's powder coating technology enables our staff to assist you in custom color matching and choosing the correct powder for your product.
          • Competitive pricing—You will find that our quality finishes are offered at extremely competitive pricing.

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          Industries Served

          • Agriculture
          • Appliance
          • Architectural
          • Automotive
          • Communications
          • Computer
          • Construction
          • Contract Manufacturing
          • Electronics
          • Food & Drug
          • Gaming
          • Green Industry
          • Lighting
          • Marine
          • Military
          • Medical
          • Oven
          • Packaging
          • Telecommunications
          • Theme / Amusement Parks